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Why need Astrologer Astrologer or Jyotish is like Doctor, who will understand your Problem by looking in to your Horoscope and tells you the exact Remedies. Good Astrologer will analyze your Horoscope and planetary position and suggest you Best Remedies best on Vedic Astrology. Gemskart Dwarka Delhi will facilitate you the Best Astrologer with whom you can Talk over phone and Discuss Your Problem and ask your Astrological question as well . We are having Panel of Best Astrologer of Delhi who can let you know the treasure of Astrology .
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Why You should wear yellow Sapphire yellow Sapphire Blesses with Harmonious Relationships and Removes the Delay in Marriage Yellow sapphire PUKHRAJ is one of the most good-looking gemstones from amongst the several available to human beings. This Yellow sapphire is a soft, mellow, golden yellow in color and holds equally pleasing compassionate energies within it. Yellow sapphire also known as pukhraj is the gemstone of Jupiter and is a appropriate gemstone for Sagittarius Ascendants (Dhanu) as well as Pisces ascendants (Meen). Benefits of Yellow sapphire • Increase contentment in life. • Better money prospect and overall wealth generation. • Better for interpersonal relationships, particularly in marriage or married life. • Improve point of reference towards knowledge (may not refer to formal education only; the interest of the individual may increase towards knowing about disciplines/ vocation/ aspects of life that interests him/ her). • Better status & position and possibility of receiving honour from authorities/ high officials and even respect of people around. • superior interest in spiritual subject or expansion of higher self. • Justice compass reading – the preference to follow dharma and do right, in any condition. • It helps restore health and vigor, especially for the underweight or sickly who normally suffer ill-health and low immunity. • improve self-confidence. There is definitely greater optimism and hopefulness that follows. There is greater creativity and more purposeful living. in general benefits of wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone are conventional in addition to the benefits that an individual’s Horoscope may point towards. It is a gemstone that is indeed a blessing to mankind from Brihaspati himself .
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