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THE CRAB (JUNE 22-JULY22 Element: water Quality: Cardinal Keyword: Nurturing, emotional drive Planetary Ruler: Moon Rules: Breasts, stomach, digestive system; natural ruler of the fourth house Once Aries, Taurus, and Gemini have discovered, settled, and expanded their new land, Our Best Astrologer syas about cancer comes along and tames it-civilizes it. These people need roots, a place or even a state of mind that they can call their own. They need a safe harbor, a refuge in which to retreat for solitude. Imagination, sensitivity, and the nurturing instinct characterize this sign. Cancerians are generally gentle and kind people, unless they’re hurt. Then they can become vindictive and sharp-spoken. They forgive easily, but rarely forget. Cancerians tend to be affectionate, passionat, and even possessive at times. As parents, they may be overprotective. As spouses or significant others, they may smother their mates with love and good intentions. Emotionally, cancerians act and react in the same way the crab moves- sideways. They avoid confrontations and usually aren’t comfortable in discussing what they feel. They’re reluctant to reveal who they are and sometimes hide behind their protective urges, preferring to tend to the needs of others rather than to their own needs. Cancers are intuitive and can sometimes be psychic. Experience flows through them emotionally. They’re often moody and always changeable; their interests and social circles shift constantly. Once a Our Best Astrologer syas about cancer trusts you, however, he lets you in on his most private world. Our Best Astrologer syas about cancer Woman At first she seems enigmatic, elusive. She’s so changeable in her moods that you never know where you stand with her. Beneath her gentle and sym-pathetic nature, beneath her bravado, she’s scared of being pinned down and insecure about who she is. If a Our Best Astrologer syas about cancer woman doesn’t have children of her own, she probably has some sort of connection with children. Animals or people in need are like her own children she likes to extend herself emotionally. Somehow, her nurturing instinct finds expression through giving to other living things, including plants. She needs roots-her own home, preferably near water-where she can establish a base. She nurtures everything-animals, her own children, waifs, and orphans of all shapes, sizes, and species. This woman is emotion distilled into its purest form. She feels first, then thinks. Sometimes she’s a psychic sponge, absorbing every emotion around her. Our Best Astrologer syas about cancer Man Like the female Cancer, the male has expressive eyes that communicate a kind of forlorn nostalgia for things past. He’s kind, affectionate, and nurturing, but only to a point. When he feels his personal space has been infringed upon, he retreats just like the crab-rapidly to the side. Then he buries himself in sand by retreating to his special place-his own home. Like the female Cancer, he is often nurturing and gets along well with children. This guy is hard to figure out. Sometimes he courts you with flowers and candlelight; other times he’s sacked out on the couch lost in his own gloom. Your best course of action is to let him be. Don’t prod him when he’s in this kind of mood. You won’t get anywhere with him even if you do. If hi’s interested in spiritual issues, chances are he’s in deep. In this sign, you’re likely to find psychic healers and clairvoyants-people who use their intuition in highly developed and sophisticated ways. Work Cancerians may be happiest when they from their own homes. Due to the intensity of their feelings, They do well in medicine, Working directly with patients. For the same reason, they also make good psychic healers. Counselors, and psychologists. Teaching children, publicity and marketing, being involved in sociology or anthropology, running a daycare center, or even taking care of other people’s homes are also good fits for the Cancerian personality. Finances Cancers aren’t lavish spenders except when it comes to their homes and families. Then, nothing is too expensive. Otherwise, they tend to be big savers. At teens, they stash their allowance in cookie jars; as adults, they stick their money in long-term CDs. Physical Traits This sign is more recognizable than some of the others because Cancerians have round face. The entire body, in fact, may be rounded, though not necessarily overweight. Cancerians benefit from water sports, a day at the beach, or anything having to do with water. There’s usually some lightness in the eyes even if they’re brown. Many Cancers also have eyes the shape of a cat’s. If any Cancers have hang-ups about their earlier lives, particularly child-hood, hypnosis might be a good way to dislodge and work through the past. It’s important that a Our Best Astrologer syas about cancer not cling to past hurts and injuries, because these emotions eventually lodge themselves in the body and create health problems. Spirituality Introspection is the key with Cancers, and it doesn’t matter if it’s provided in the guise of organized religion or an alternative belief system. When they feel a particular set of beliefs is a fit, They stick with it, explore it, and draw upon their innate intuition to understand it.
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ARIES INTERPRETATION BY GEMSKART BEST ASTROLOGER DELHI THE RAM (MARCH 21-APRIL19) Element: Fire Quality: Cardinal Keyword: leadership, the pioneer spirit Planetary Ruler: Mars Rules: Head and face; natural ruler of first house Aries are bold, courageous, and resourceful. They always seem to know what they believe, what they want from life, and where they’re going. Aries people are dynamic and aggressive (sometimes, to a fault) in pursuing their goals-whatever they might be. They’re also survivors. CALL US AND TALK TO OUR BEST ASTOROGER OF DELHI. MEET YOUR ASTROLOGER GEMSKART DWARKA DELHI The challenge with this sign is lack of persistence: Aries people some times lose interest if they don’t see rapid results. But this tendency is compen-sated for by their ambition and drive to succeed. They can be argumentative, lack tact, and have bad tempers. On the other hand, their anger rarely lasts long, and they can be warm and loving with those they care about. Aries Woman TOP ASTROLOGER GEMSKART DWARKA SECTOR 7 DELHI The bottom line with an Aries woman is that you shouldn’t offend or anger her. If you do, she’ll never forget it, and you won’t see much of her after that. She’ll turn her energy to someone or something else. If you’re involved with an Aries woman, the relationship had better be one of equality, or she won’t stick around. This isn’t a woman who tolerates chauvinism. In romance, the Aries woman’s passions are fervent and sometimes all-consuming. She may even like sexual adventure, and the bedroom is the one place she’ll allow-no, want-to be dominated, Suffice it to say that the Aries woman can get bored easily. Professionally, she’s driven, she sets goals and pursues them with all the relentless energy she possesses. She’s great at initiating Buy natural gemstone Pokhraj ( yellow sphire) at GEMSKART DWARKA NEW DELHI projects, launching ideas, and putting things into action. But she isn’t particularly good at seeing a project or idea through to its completion unless she passionately believes in it. She can hold her own in most situations and certainly can compete with any man on the professional front. She exudes an aura of success and dresses to enhance that aura. Aries Man This man is as bold and brash as his female counterpart and just as impatient and driven. Thanks to his innate courage, he may recklessly take up daredevil sports. He wants to prove himself and takes unnecessary chances and risks. He’s an excellent executive-the kind of man who relies on his own judgment and intuition to make decisions. Like the female Aries, he projects a successful image even if he has failed at some endeavors in the past. Some women may find the Aries man too audacious for her tastes, to the Caribbean for a long weekend simply to see what’s there. If he’s got the money, he will absolutely spend it all. And no one is as creative as the Aries man when it comes to wooing a woman. but life with him is never boring. This is the guy who, on a whim, flies Once an Aries man is smitten, watch out. He brings his considerable ener-gy to the relationship and pursues the woman in a whirlwind of romance. But if the emotion isn’t reciprocated quickly, he’ll be gone in a flash. On the other hand, if it is-and he falls out of love-he’ll be out the door before a woman could even try to convince him to stay. He’s not easily talked into or out of something. Once he makes up his mind, it’s usually a done deal. Work An Aries excels at anything in which leadership ability is para-mount. These people like giving orders, and they’re terrific at delegating responsibilities. They have numerous ideas and want to put them all into effect yesterday. As a fire sign, they pour energy into whatever they do. They aren’t particularly interested in having power over others. They sim-ply want the power to do what they want without restriction. Finances No two ways about it: Aries people spend money as fast as it comes in. An Aries knows something should be tucked away, but retirement seems such a long way off. And besides, money always comes in when needed! The challenge for an Aries is to develop the habit of saving. Physical Traits These people often have ruddy complexions, arched brows, narrow chins, and in men, profuse body hair. An Aries requires adequate rest and good nutrition to replenish all the energy he burns. He shouldn’t eat much red meat and will benefit from herbs that belong to this particular sign: mus-tard, eye-bright, and bay. Since Aries rules the head and face, these areas considered to be the weakest parts of the body for him. Common ailments are tension headaches, dizziness, and skin eruptions. In fact, many Aries suffer from migraines and allergies, too. Also, because they’re indulgent, Aries need to be careful of easily gaining weight. It’s a good thing he’s so active! Spirituality Aries is likely to sample a little of everything before deciding on which spiritual belief fits best. He might live in an ashram, delve into paganism, or even try out a more conventional religion. While involved with a particular spiritual path, he will be passionate about it. But unless his passion is sus-tained, an Aries will eventually get bored and move on to something new.
Taurus THE BULL (APRIL 20-MAY20) Element: Earth Quality: Fixed Keywords: Endurance, perseverance, stubbornness Planetary Ruler: Venus Rules: Neck, throat, cervical vertebrae; ruler of second house While Aries is out pioneering and discovering new lands, Taurus is settling and cultivating the land and using his resources for practical purposes. His stubbornness and determination keep him around for the long haul on any project or endeavor. Taureans are the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. They are also incred-ibly patient, singular in their pursuit of goals, and determined to attain what they want, Although they lack versatility because of the fixed nature of the sign, they compensate for it by enduring whatever they have to in order to get what they want. Long after other contestants have fallen out of the race, Taurus individuals are still in the running. As a result, they often succeed where others fail. Most Taureans enjoy being surrounded by nice things. They like fine art and music, and many have considerable musical ability. They also have a tal-ent for working with their hands-gardening, woodworking, and sculpting. It takes a lot to anger a Taurus person, but once you do, clear out. The “bull’s rush” can be fierce. But thanks to Venus ruling this sign, Taurus peo-ple are usually sensual and romantic. They are also physically oriented indi-viduals who take pride in their bodies. Taurus Woman She’s loyal and dedicated to whatever she loves most. Her central inter-ests reflect her particular tastes in art, color, and décor. She enjoys beauty, whatever its guise, If she’s into clothing, then she dresses will and tastefully. If sports and physical activity are her passion, she pursues them diligently and with tremendous patience. Since the Taurus woman is Venus-ruled, she’s a romantic. Court her with flowers, moonlit walks on the beach, and poetry. She’s a generous, ardent lover, who probably as a love of music. She may even play an instrument or sing. If you want to change her opinion on something, though, go about it is a gentle way. Don’t ever back her into a corner. She’ll dig in her heels and refuse to budge! As an Earth sign, she likes to putter in the garden and perhaps grows and cultivates herbs. She benefits from any time spent outdoors doing something she finds pleasurable. Animals are important to her and if she has pets, they reflect her own tastes in beauty. Taurus Man Like his female counterpart, the Taurus man works hard and patiently at what he loves. His patience and perseverance make him good at finishing what other people have started. This guy isn’t impetuous. Considerable though goes into most things that he does. It’s not that he’s cautious; he’s merely purposeful. If he doesn’t understand the reason for doing something, he won’t do it, and nothing you say will change his mind. Taurus’s romantic nature may not always show up in flowers and gifts, but he does others things that tell you he cares. In return, he enjoys a good massage; likes having his neck rubbed and adores sitting with a nice glass of wine and his honey in front of a fireplace Both men and women in this sign can be jealous and possessive. But this tendency is mitigated considerably if the Taurus man knows you’re as sincere as he is. He may have a deep connection with nature and the natural world that manifests in camping and solo sports. If he works out in a gym, he probably does it alone, without a trainer. He may be into yoga, alternative medicine, and health foods. Work Taureans excel at work that requires persistence, stability, and relent-less drive. They’re bale to take abstract ideas and make them concrete and practical. This means they’re good at behind-the scenes work, especially if the work is artistically creative-writing, costume design, gourmet cooking, musical composition, or anything to do with nature. You won’t find a more tireless worker in the zodiac. Finances Despite the Taurean need for material security, they enjoy spending money. But the spending is rarely frivolous because Taurean tastes are quite specific and usually refined. Books, art, travel, and shamanic workshops may offer security for the Taurus. Physical Traits Taureans are recognizable by their necks, which are often thick and stur-dy. They tend to be attractive people with broad foreheads and many retain their youthful appearances long after the rest of us begin to show our age. They benefit from a daily regimen of physical exercise and should be moderate in their consumption of fattening foods. This, of course, is undoubtedly true for all signs, but particularly true for the bull who has a slower metabolism. Spirituality Taurus, due to the fixed, Earth temperament of the sign, often seeks spir-itual answers in nature. While camping, hiking, or engaging in some sort of physical activity outside, she connects with the deeper levels of self. Music and the arts can have same effect on a Taurus. Meet your Best Astrologer at Gemskart Dwarka Delhi
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